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itallends [userpic]

August 21st, 2007 (07:17 pm)

Originally published at www.mydestroyer.com. You can comment there.

A new Kissing Chaos: 'Til I Die strip is online! I skipped sunday's post, as I was busy at the Toronto Comics Art Festival, which was pretty cool. It's always been a good gathering of artists and zinesters, and this year was no exception. Hung with Becky and Vanessa for a spell. Saw my friends Mal, Little Brown bat and Ragni put on a swell show at Sneaky Dees in Toronto. Awesome. Comics and music must always be enjoyed in tandem.

At the show I sold and signed many books, selling out of my stock, (to the point that I'm worried I won't have anything to sell at this coming weekends FanExpo in Toronto). One fan even brought out a first printing of Kissing Chaos Vol. 1, and asked me to sign it. The crazy thing, is that as I began to sign my name, I noticed that I had already signed it four years ago! You had to be there, cuz it was funny. Seriously.

Anyway. TCAF is an awesome event, and I wish it happened every year.

Again, I must urge you all to check out 'TIL I DIE. The somewhat abstract Prologue will continue updating every day til wednesday, and then thursday will see the first update of the regular story. I can't wait!

Read and comment. Let me know what you think!